Josh Knight and Daughter Show Support: Jay Knight Photography - Grand Opening

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining on the Grand Opening of Jay Knight Photography. City officials along with the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce showed support on the 12 th day of September with a special meet and greet/ribbon cutting. Also in the crowd was Knight's son, Josh Knight and granddaughter, Amaris Knight.

HOT - NEW RELEASE: Josh Knight Records at the Historic Gunter Hotel in San Antonio

Along with the Gunter staff and hotel ownership - Josh Knight records in the corner of room 414. Every song Robert Johnson recorded - Knight recorded too - on the same days and in the same spot!

Josh Knight Receives Recognition Award from the City of Marfa Texas

It was a hot afternoon in Marfa Texas as the 2019 Marfa Lights Festival started up. Josh Knight, a Dallas native, Mesquite High School graduate, and Full Sail University alumni, gets awarded from the city of Marfa Texas, Chamber of Commerce for creating the city's 33rd Annual Marfa Lights Festival official logo.

Studio Knights Releases: Bushwick Bill, the Last Studio Session (Single)

Bushwick Bill (December 8th, 1966 - June 9th, 2019) I got a text from James Bembry (radio personality) on a hot May night in 2018 that said Bushwick Bill wanted to come to the studio and lay it down. He was excited to get this song laid down so we had to get on it quick.

Comic-Book Signing in Roswell, NM - Baby Alien Comic - 2019 UFO FEST

At the 2019 UFO Festival, inside Alien Invasion novelty souvenir shop, Amaris Knight and comic-book team sign autographs for visitors. This new comic-book is the second part of the first story that was released at the 2018 UFO Festival. Some visitors this year were repeat lovers from the first release.

Knight of Mesquite - Studio Knights in the Mesquite News

Mesquite native Josh Knight is known for his music and his studio Studio Knights, but now he can add filmmaker to his repertoire with his first documentary, "Lucien Leinfelder: The Pianist Who Played Through Parkinson's." This documentary recently got a Grammy Awards entry for Best Music Film.

SK RECORDS FLASH! Josh Knight is Key Contributor to Truthmonger Comics

Grammy Award Winner Art Greenhaw, creator-editor-writer of Truthmonger Comics, has been friends with comicbook legend Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame for twenty years. Art discusses his Truthmonger Comics titles GOD'S SILVER SOLDIERS and TALES OF NAZARETH with his mentor, Stan, and shows Stan the first gallery proofs of the two titles.