His influence came at an early age with the sound of Double Trouble blues. He remembers sitting on the floor rolling Hot Wheels around while the tape player filled the room with Pride & Joy (a popular blues shuffle). On his debut album, World N’ Trouble, singer/songwriter Josh Knight proves himself intensely committed to creating irreplaceable music that feeds the blues/rock community. This album features Stevie Ray Vaughan’s bassist Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble).

Knight’s influences come from many backgrounds of music. You can hear this with the single that he recorded with Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys. From rock to blues, and from R&B to gangsta rap – the genres are endless. At the age of 16, Knight was mentored to by the great B.B. King and from that point forward the guitar and Josh became one. His influences would come from Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King… Josh Knight was characterized as sounding better than Led Zeppelin, “MTV’s, Pauly Shore” - “Totally Pauly”.   

On his fourth full-length album, Sessions at the Gunter Hotel: Inside Room 414, with the help of the hotel ownership and staff, this 16-song album was recorded 82 years after Johnson’s original recordings. Knight stepped into the same corner and on the same days, with the same songs as Mr. Johnson himself. On the liner notes, Josh mentions, “the purpose of this recording wasn’t to fully imitate Robert Johnson, this album is if anything, a commemoration of Johnson’s original works of art”.

After B.B. King past away, Knight and King’s daughter Rita Washington King collaborated in Las Vegas, NV and recorded a spoken word album, We Called Him King of the Blues, I Called Him “Dad”, while reminiscing the moments they both shared with the King of the Blues, Mr. Riley B. King. As a result, two albums came from it with a chance at getting a Grammy® Nomination. Before this release, Josh Knight geared up with Jimmie Vaughan’s first son Tyrone Vaughan on several recordings and tours. Other recordings and notable people/collaborations include; Art Greenhaw, Light Crust Doughboys, Pauly Shore, J.C. Lee (Stan Lee’s daughter), and Elvis Presley’s Jordanaires.

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Josh Knight feels the blues and is a power guitar player and singer in that genre. I know for a fact that Josh has also spent years studying the specialty blues history of Deep Ellum and Robert Johnson and all the blues greats and even the country blues contributions of The Light Crust Doughboys. Josh brings history and authenticity and talent and passion to every blues stage that hosts him. I know of no younger advocate for the blues than my friend, Josh Knight.    --------- Art Greenhaw, leader The Light Crust Doughboys; inductee: Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame; Grammy Award Winner and 8-Time Grammy Award Nominee;

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"Dear Josh, Thank you so much for the opportunity to testify about God's Timing for seizing the moment.  The collaboration project to commemorate my father’s memory was an Epic experience. Because of you, I have a spoken word CD that was stamped for consideration as a 2016 Grammy nominee.

 "Amazingly, music has a unique spirit for creating dimensional respect for the art through collaborations."                  ~ Rita King." One Love!

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