Josh Knight & The Vintage Experience


JOSH KNIGHT (Guitar/Vocals)

(Experience the all vintage original sound of Blues/Rock & Pop with the band Josh Knight.)

- Recording Artist Josh Knight; raised in Mesquite, Texas (Dallas County), Multiple state awards & recognition; A proud member of BMI & (NARAS) The Recording Academy. Full Sail University Alumni.

* Directors Choice Award - Songwriting & Development - Full Sail University 2012
* Advanced Achievement Award - Full Sail University 2013



Josh began a serious music interest when meeting B.B. King at the age of 16. Blues became a passion after he dabbled with hard rock, pop, jazz, and a wee bit of country. He spent the last year traveling all over TX and beyond, providing headlining support for the House of Blues (Dallas & Houston), state fairs, festivals and casinos.

His debut album (World N' Trouble featuring bassist Tommy Shannon from SRV & Double Trouble) was submitted into the 56th Annual Grammy Awards along with recognition from BMI.

Early in 2014 Josh made his television debut on Good Day. Not to mention, collaborating with Hall of Famers, Grammy Award Winners, and co-writing with up and comers alike, at his very own recording studio in Mesquite TX, Studio Knights.


- The passion and meaning within the songs he sings and writes are revealed in the emotional hard cry, flowing from his guitar.

"They say only few people make it. I don't believe that. It's not one in a million. It's that one in a million that doesn't give up. You must grab the bull by the horns!" - Josh Knight


Studio Knights / SK Records




Jeff Wallace (Bass Guitar)


Born in the 50’s but musically a child of the 60’s, Jeff was first taught the art of bass by playing jazz standards with his father, a professional jazz pianist.
Jeff played his first professional gig at the age of 15. At a rented lake cabin in a band made up of college students performing for their fraternity, Jeff saw things he had never seen before. He did get paid though!
The late sixties and early 70’s found Jeff playing with Danny Johnson (Derringer, Rod Stewart, Private Life & Steppenwolf), Chris Hewitt (pianist and noted composer), and emeritus members of Louisiana’s possibly most famous band of the day, the Blue Shadows and Blue Denims.
Other projects Jeff has recently contributed to include: Daniel Chrysler, Silvercloud, King Cone, Railhead Band, Annie Benjamin, Monte Carlo, Josh Knight Band, The Secrets, Brant Croucher and Dickie & Dude. Jeff has logged numerous studio hours working with some well known musicians such as Jamie Oldaker (Eric Clapton, Bob Seger, Leon Russell, Freeley’s Comet and The Tractors) and Sam Taylor (Kings X, Third Day, Galactic Cowboys, ZZ Top).
Jeff has toured throughout Texas, the North East US and performed with an Armed Forces Entertainment tour entertaining troops in Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Djibouti Africa.




Larry Lockhart, Jr. Bio
(Drummer/ Percussionist/ Drum Tech/Design-Builder)


      Larry Lockhart, Jr. the eldest son of three boys from Larry, Sr. and Marilyn Lockhart was born in Riverside, California. If you could hear the sounds of the drums before and after church service but when you looked over at the drum set you only saw little arms and hands with drum sticks reaching for the drums everyone knew that was Lil Larry, Jr.  His consistency, skill and drive to play the drums eventually led his parents to buy him his first drum set.  His early Christian and Gospel musical influences were Dr. Vernard Johnson (saxophonist), Mississippi Mass Choir, Rev. James Cleveland, and John P. Kee. In his early childhood, he migrated to Dallas, Texas where both of his parents are originally from.  At the age of 12, he received his formal training in drums and percussion in the middle school band.  He learned to read percussion music notations, standard rudiments and introduction to playing the timpani, vibraphone, xylophone, tubular bells, tambourine, triangle and other instruments in the percussion ensemble.   

      His musical aspirations continued in high school as a percussionist in the Townview Magnet Center Concert Band.  In his sophomore year he transferred to South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, TX where he was in the marching show band, concert band, jazz big band and percussion ensemble. There he was exposed to the many musical genres such as Jazz, Latin, Funk, Country, Fusion, Rhythm & Blues and Rock music. His solo and band competition awards and achievements led to becoming the tenor section leader and during his senior year as a drum major where he was able to demonstrate strong leadership qualities, read sheet music score(s) and direct a full competitive band throughout the school year. While in college he was a tenor drummer for three years in the PV Mac Funk Box drum line as a member of the Prairie View A&M University Marching Storm.  As a college student and band member he was honored the privilege of traveling the United States and performing in the State Fair Classic in Dallas, Texas; opening of the Houston Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas; 2001 George W. Bush’s Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C. and the 2004 Honda Battle of the Bands in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Quite naturally he received his creativity/design from his mother (photography, scrapbook and drawing) and his craft/build from his father (auto mechanic).  He took upon his architectural background to design and build a custom bebop drum set (bass, rack tom and floor tom) with offsetting lugs and three distinctively custom snare drums.    
He has also drum tech for the numerous artists in the Drummer’s For Jesus Concerts in Dallas, TX and personal drum tech for his mentor Robert “Sput” Searight in multiple cities and concerts in Texas. Professionally Larry Lockhart has played at his local church (New Leaf Missionary Baptist Church), Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, Taste of Dallas, Mesquite Rodeo, Ft. Worth Rodeo and Regional Tours with country, rock and blues artist/bands.  Larry’s influences are Elvin Jones, Dennis Chambers, Simon Phillips, Mitch Mitchell and Chris Coleman.  Larry Lockhart, Jr. is a proud husband and father.  When he is not playing drums he enjoys drawing, sketching and playing sports (basketball, flag football and soccer).